Can I send my bike to Sbay for customising?

Sorry but no, we only work on our own motorcycles.

How do I place an order for a motorcycle?

It is best if you visit the factory and get to test our bikes. The amount of choices you can make go a long way. If a visit is not possible contact us and we will put your order on the building chaine.

Are your motorcycles street legal?

All our motorcycles pass European Regulations in order to get license plates. In case you want to export the bike outside the EU let us know and we will comply with your local needs. (EU regulations are accepted in 50 countries)

How long does it take to build my motorcycle?

Our timeline for construction and delivery of the motorcycle is 32 weeks from the day first payment is received.

Can I visit your factory?

Absolutely, contact us and we will arrange your visit.

Can I test your motorcycles before I decide which model suits me best?

Yes, in fact we will insist that you test our bikes and see which machine suits you better.

Can I race in Bonneville with the Official Sbay Team?

Racing in Bonneville with the Sbay team is limited to Sbay owners only.

How far can I go customising my bike?

As long as we have the means of achieving your needs and we keep the bike street legal you can go as far as you wish. Please note that the timespan of delivery will be greatly affected. If your changes are significant you will be diverted to the Ultra program.


USA sole distributor welcome.

Contact us at info@sbaymotorco.com